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To Correct or Not Too? (the battle between grammar and shear evil)

If the above title makes you queasy and quite frankly a little nauseous, pat yourself on the back, because it should. There are blatant grammar mistakes infused into the title to purposely illustrate the foul visual odor that most grammarians … Continue reading

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19 Reasons Why I Didn’t Sleep Last Night

Yeah, the title’s not too compelling, but judging by the topic, do you think the rest of the blog is going to be any better? But, in case for some bizarre masochistic reason you continue reading, here is a brief … Continue reading

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Today’s the day I start blogging…

If you’d like to read a little more about me, you can stop by my profile page. I’ve got plenty to say.  But tonight’s post is all about one of my cats.  If “cat lady” didn’t come with all the … Continue reading

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